Discussion Group – shakespearescoinage


I have set up a Yahoo discussion group called “shakespearescoinage” at http://groups.yahoo.com/ in order to facilitate discussion of the article and this website.  The group is open to the public, although you need to establish a yahoo email account and then join the group.  You can get straight there by clicking here:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shakespearescoinage


I’ve named myself “great_soldier_frederick” for purposes of this group.


Here is the email that I received upon creation of the group:




Congratulations! Your Yahoo! Group shakespearescoinage has been created. You can access your group using the link below or from the Yahoo! Groups "My Groups" page.


* Your group information:


Group name: shakespearescoinage

Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shakespearescoinage

Group email address: shakespearescoinage@yahoogroups.com


* Get started now:

Now that you've created your group, get started using it. View the

group home page, post a message, invite members, share files and

photos, create group calendar events, share links, create group polls,

and more. It's all easy to use. Just go to the group home page now:





Yahoo! Groups Customer Care



Me again.  If you have any trouble with any of these steps, let me know at great_soldier_frederick@yahoo.com and I will send you a special invitation to join the group.